G930F Galaxy S7 SuperMan-Rom V1.3.5
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- G935FXXU1APD3 Base
- Prerooted with V2.71 or v2.68 SuperSU (choose in aroma!)
- Latest Busybox installed (1.24.2)
- Aroma installer!
- Developer options enabled by default
- Full edge support!
- Xposed V81 is installed (choose in aroma)
- Adblocker enabled
- Zipaligned
- Init.d support in Kernel
- DM-Verity disabled
- Force encrypt disabled
- Fully Deodexed
- Knox stuff is removed
- Stock APD3 Kernel included
- Latest TouchWiz Sources!
- Debloated, but fully functional (all removed apps can be install with playstore)
- Selinux Enforcing
- Sound Mod with lot improvements!
- April Security Patches

v1.3.5 Değişiklik Listesi
- sound mod updated to V16
- Xposed updated to V83
- Removed sd card notification on every reboot (credits to @ervius)
- added new csc features
- Added AppLock to the rom

APD3 bootloader : https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=53462


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