GTA:Online External Hack for Steam & SC Version. Patch 1.32! Godmode & Super Bullets!
GTA:Online External Hack for Steam & SC Version. Working 1.32!

NUM_1: Give you full health.
NUM_2: Give you full armor.
NUM_3: Enable magic bullets which makes your bullets so hard to destroy tanks and vehicles very fast.
NUM_4: Makes your bullets of "rubber" so the players won't take damage from your bullets (this is such a my sh*t features for testing).
NUM_5: Increase the bullet force to peds and vehicles so you can throw cars so far away only with 1 shoot of any weapon, it works sometimes on different parts of the vehicle I don't know why.
NUM_6: Max ammo for each weapon, I think it doesn't work for minigun or RPG (works HS one).
NUM_7: Enable "God-Mode". It just gives you 99999 health and you can't die only from fall.
NUM_9: Suicide key so you don't have to waste 500$ and is faster 
F8: Teleport to Waypoint.
F10: Enable/Disable fly mode. Enable it when you're going to fly with heli/planes. Disable it when you're not flying.
NUM_SUBSTRACT: Increase your Z pos (height).
NUM_ADD: Decrease your Z pos. 
Fixed when you restore your weapon damage it returns to default damage instead of 25 for every single weapon.


[Resim: 65035abf3f.jpg]


-Watch out with "Magic bullet" feature because if you enable it for a weapon and you change to another weapon the feature will be applied to the weapon you changed to and this is not good because the damage is clientsided so if you enable this for pistol a simple cop can kill you with only 1 hit I suggest to apply to the perforating gun because is a weapon that nobody uses and it's fast with many bullets.
-For teleporting (and Z pos keys too) you must stay totally without moving before you press the key.


Tonyx97 Hack developer.
-@DarkLinuxz, @Janck7 and @Jackd to post several offset and pointer which are very useful.
-GTA Community members to help me.
-@kicu helped me in testing stuff.
-@adan106 and @SOLDERFish, they lent me GTA V for Steam.


Alıntı: Changes in Version 2.0:
-NUM_0 + NUM_1: Enable/Disable the Anti-NPC mode, all the peds that hit you will die instantly. Perfect for fast missions.
-NUM_0 + NUM_2: Super jump.
-NUM_0 + NUM_3: Fire bullets.
-NUM_0 + NUM_4: Explosive melee.
-NUM_0 + NUM_5: Explosive bullets.
-NUM_0 + NUM_6: Increase your velocity on foot and swimming.
-F5: Show/Hide the menu. The menu it's now bigger so I added this.
-You now can teleport to waypoint with your car.

Changes in Version 2.1:
-NUM_0 + NUM_7: Shotgun Mode. Every shoot with your actual weapon will shoot 15 bullets. Tip, Minigun + Shotgun Mode + Explosive Bullets = OP. Watch out because this modifies the data of the weapon and every player who use your actual modified weapon will shoot like you, I recommend you to use "piercing pistol" or Tec-9 that are not used by anyone.
-NUM_0 + NUM_8: SUPER Zoom.
-Some people told me the hack doesn't work, it's because you're using W10 so I downloaded w10 and I realized why it wasn't working. Now it fixed!

Changes in Version 2.2:
-Added new god-mode: you're totally invincible but there is a little risk to crash your game if you enable/disable it...
-Your car can't be deformed and the only way to destroy it is with explosives.
-Hold L Shift to accelerate the vehicle.
-Hold C to make your car jump/bounce, it's is very funny with bikes.

Changes in Version 2.3:
-God-Mode is now fixed. it usually crashed the game.
-Press L+I to decrease the damage of "Magic Bullets" and L+O to increase it.
-Right Shift to increase your health to 99999.

Changes in Version 2.4:
-God-Mode is TOTALLY FIXED. Like the invencibility in singleplayer with the cheat "PAINKILLER", you can kill peds etc.
-Updated for v1.32 Online.

Changes in Version 2.5:
-Teleport fixed.
-Wanted level fixed.
-Crash while typing fixed.

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