N910C Galaxy Note 4 DITTO NOTE 5 (DN5) Rom v0.5 Lollipop 5.1.1
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Rom Özellikleri
Android Lollipop 5.1.1
*Base ROM N920CXXU1AOH2 and N910CXXU1COH4

Initial release v0.1:
*All Note5 Apps and features
*Rooted thanks to Chainfire
*5way reboot
*Call Recorder added
*Delay message
*Scheduled message
*Save/restore message
*External sdcard write fix
*Shutter camera sound toggle
*Standalone flashable zip (no aroma)

Added with v0.2:
*Note 5 framework
*Multiuser feature added
*Sim Pin unlock fixedy
*Direct Pen input now works perfectly
*Video editor removed (64 libs issue)
*Fixed cosmetic issues related to status bar
*Updated SNote & fixed FC when adding a page in SNote

Added with v0.3:
*Added weather to the lockscreen
*Fixed auto-brightness
*Smart Manager with Widget
*Spo2 added to S Health
*Fixed Photonote in S Note
*USSD codes fixed
*A bit better S View Experience
*Knox apps and containers removed
*Kernel built without Knox Kap and without TIMA Trustzone
*"Camera app based on Project Super Camera on Steroids" (thanks to kevinrocksman from xda) and modded from there
Maybe something else...

Added with v0.4:
*Based on Note 5 N920CXXU2AOJ5 firmware
*Sound Alive FC fixed
*Slow motion fixed
*Wrong resolution in N5 camera fixed
*SmartLock via Bluetooth FC Fixed
*Toolbox added (7 apps max)
*Side Key Panel added
*Air Message added
*N5 Photo Editor
*Video Editor added
*Heads Up Notification toggle added
*Torch Settings
*Keylight duration option unhided
*Unlimited popup window apps
*Lockscreen effects added – 7 Effects counting the None effect
*More improvements to the quality of the camera
*Live Video Broadcasting to Youtube with Camera app
*Launcher mode settings
*Outdoor Mode unhided
*Air Gesture Added (Not all motions working, Quick Glance fully working)
*Fast Charging toggle via DN Rom Control (DN Rom Control is not fully working)
*Stagefright bug fully fixed
*App Optimisation in Settings / Battery to improve the battery life
*New features in Smart Manager app
*Application Permissions (control the permissions of every single app using Smart Manager app)

Added with v0.5:
*Green embended Youtube video fixed
*Scroll Capture fixed
*Drawing mode and Smart Select FC in Message app fixed
*Game Service and Game Tuner added
*GearVR support added (You must flash GearVR pack on the post 4 for that)
*Forward in Music player fixed

*Camera modes still not working: Video Collage & Wide-selfie
*Greyscale and black colour in UPSM

İndirme Linkleri

Rom Zip - https://mega.nz/#!PJIDGTqS!MZ3YDcrvqn1rS6nkP_DVNv70np9z4mwixzQR-qYjYJ4
alternatif - http://www.mediafire.com/download/03mwme6c303v6az/DN5_v0.5_N910C_by_E-Team.zip

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