PolyMeme v8.5.1 Fix Update 2/1/2016 [MultiHack] [OpenSource] [PolyLoader]
Notes From Updater: Hey guys, I am pretty new to this community and have involved myself in the poly meme project. I have asked permission from HitByParkedCar to update it and here it is. He is taking a break from the project to do some things with direct x so I have decided to update a few things. In the future he will probably maintain the project again, or at least post it.

What is a PolyHack and why is it superior to other hacks?

A PolyHack is a regular CS:GO hack, but it utilizes Merccy's PolyLoader's string swapping and encryption. It makes it very hard for VAC to detect the cheat, as every hack you load is different to another person's, so the signature keeps changing.

What's New?

I fixed some stuff, broke some more. Offsets mainly, but yeah ESP works now.

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