RCA Viking Pro Firmware 2016
RCA Viking Pro Firmware 2016

There are two main branches of development for this tablet. It is very important to know which one you have because they are incompatible with each other. I personally bricked my first one with firmware from a x.9.x while mine is x.12.x. How do you check? Simple. In your build number, you can find it in "About tablet" in Settings or in the text at the top of the recovery screen. It's at the end of the number and it will look like 1.12.30, 10.12.20, 2.12.20, 1.9.1, 1.9.5, 10.9.1...etc The number in the middle is the important one.

Steps(Windows): For step 2 you will have five seconds. Preloader mode is only active for five seconds. So read first!
1- Extract the drivers to the destktop and open the device manager.
2- Plug your tablet in as such: turn off the tablet. Plug a male to male USB wire from the computer to the USB port on the tablet. now plug the power wire into the tablet. now very quickly in the device manager locate the new device and right click on it. select "update driver software" then select "browse my computer for driver software" and "browse". Now navigate to the driver folder, select the "CDC" folder and click on "OK" the "Next". The driver should install at this point. Once that is done, unplug the power cable from the tablet.
3- Extract the firmware and the sp flash tools to your desktop.
4- Start the sp flash tools and where it says scatter file loading click and navigate to the folder where you have the firmware and load the scatter file. You will see the firmware get loaded and a checksum check.
5- Once that is done, uncheck the preloader from the list and click on the download button.
6- Plug the power cable into your tablet. At this point the sp flash tool will load the firmware into the tabletDO NOT UNPLUG ANYTHING UNTIL THE SP FLASH TOOLS SHOWS YOU A GREEN CHECK MARK TO INDICATE THAT IT IS DONE OR YOUR TABLET COULD BE HARD BRICKED AND UNREPAIRABLE.
7- Press the reset button and turn it on. Done!

Drivers: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz4...ew?usp=sharing

SP Flash tools: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz4...ew?usp=sharing

Firmware x.9.x: 

Do not flash the preloader for the Surf1001 versions!!

Firrmware x.12.x:
SURF1001-ANDROID5.0-V11-V7.15.0_T8515B_V6.3_SAMSUNG2G_20151116 (Use method No.2 for root)


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